Seth Leopold

SNAG (Smart New Age Guy) is an experience himself. A turntablist, scratch artist, out of Los Angeles, CA (originally from the Midwest) with a collection of sounds unique to him. SNAG uses sounds like colors to create a vibe and flow for any time or place.  He displays a fluent and profound understanding of intelligent soundplay and personally strives to embody the modern art of turntablism. SNAG is a unique timepiece, in line with some of the great DJs of our time and odds are, unless you danced with SNAG, you’ve never partied with a scratch artist that can develop an environment's idyllic energy as SNAG does.

A scratch artist from Des Moines, Seth's undying appreciation for music was born from paternal passion. Seth's father, Rich, or as the 90s knew him, "DJ Pure Energy," was an event DJ for small gatherings and events. Modeling his father, SNAG's childhood was spent experimenting with electricity and rigging his own lighting system, complete with a DIY soundboard (at age 10!)  

At 13, Seth ventured out on his own and deejayed his first dance party for pals in his hometown of Huxley, IA (with CD players and a RadioShack mixer). Seth’s solo wedding DJ career began in 2013. 

Seth worked and grew with different (outstanding) Des Moines event production companies as a premier wedding DJ over the next few years. At this time, Seth wrote for and toured with both Pioneer Audio and Mobile Beat magazine, demonstrating new products at trade shows during the day and product demos/deejaying parties and traveling at night. 

Seth’s true obsession with turntablism began when he got his first set of turntables at age 19. Although he’d had gigs before, after receiving his Technics and obsessing over clips of his role models (DJ AM, ATrak, Craze) on YouTube to learn basic techniques, he fell in love with the art and science of beats. Establishing his skillset in the pre-social media music scene coupled with hours of practice at co-ed college parties, enabled SNAG to find his style a long time ago; he's been refining and expressing since.


When SNAG started DJing in 2001, controllers didn't even exist yet! Honestly, deejaying was not yet a cool thing to do. Since then, spinning vinyl has become a spectacle, and a majority of DJs are actually focused on producing (producers) and play out their tunes rather than deejaying. In my opinion, most producers are hella good shoemakers, but are incapable of selling their wares... which is where a real DJ shines.A great conductor doesn't play his own instrument; his role lies in balancing and timing the players of the ensemble. Let me proclaim: I am the DJ Mozart.

The art of deejaying is in the transition; the feeling of the energy you're transferring. The average stage performances these days are wildly different from what I do: I could play on CDJs and scratch if I wanted to, but the performance isn't close to comparable to what my Technics, Macbook, and XB2 can create. With these tools I can feel sound. With the ability to constantly bend and manipulate every conceptual parameter of sound and timing,I'm fluent in making music flow and blend in ways that most have never felt or are perceiving.When I'm scratching and people now pull out their phones, I'm humbled remembering the years people covered their ears! I am grateful to be pulling the tradition of turntablism into this next wave of music we are a part of!

With over 600 events/performances under my belt -- I can perform in front of any crowd, on any sound system, with any level of production. Because I’m not a play-and-listen type guy... my sets are filled with technical finesse, the hottest sounds, the smoothest transitions, and the right vibes.


To travel; To meet more people with skills and styles I appreciate and which to be around; Spread knowledge and passion to find a deeper experience for myself and those that interact with me. I want to embody my best self and do so with the belief the choice is made of prior actions tied to character. I am here to experience my most and share and help others around me do the same. Exploring the world and vibing with people of different places will allow me to share in ways that could change my life forever. My turntablism is what I offer. I have an insatiable hunger to experience what the rest of the world is doing (with a focus in their times of happiness/partying/ecstasy). It is my wish to maintain self actualization and I believe the randomization and chaotic nature of this endeavour will give me the reality I need to be me. 

For a long time I resisted making my own music, it is not my main passion. Mixing and causing depth/vibe and contrast to feel is where my heart is, but in the midst of covid I needed more music in my life (no shows) so I started producing. I am hooked, it's a passion that is growing in skill. My main dream of having the skill of producing is the ability to work and create with other music artists. The creative collaboration is what excites me! I am yet to release anything of my own yet. I am waiting till I get to where I know it is what it needs to be for me and us! Soon... is all I will say.