I’ve been designing and building websites since 2000; have a background in web advertising, Flash animation, and educational textbook + materials design; and teach as an industry adjunct for the Graphic Design department at DMACC Ankeny. I’m not sure how else to say it, but I grew up alongside the Internet, developing a unique and in-depth skillset uncommon for someone my age.

Since House of Leopold’s first project (a gubernatorial campaign) in 2016, we’ve been involved in a wide variety of projects! Graphics for magazines, music festivals, podcasts, real estate sales, and humanitarian non-profits; branding for all types of artists, cleaners, collectives, editors, events, musicians, producers, and photographers;  a book; a billboard; and a whole slew of drool-worthy Facebook Event Images.

Seth and I consider House of Leopold to be a “start-up start-up,” because what we enjoy most is creating every physical and digital asset a new company needs to have the most successful launch possible. Whether you need brochures and banners or menus and pizza boxes, we can do it, and it’ll be the coolest pizza box you’ve ever seen. The best design isn’t obvious until I research your industry, competitors, and rivals so your branding can compete with and beat the best.

Show me your wildest digital branding dreams, tell me exactly what you think you want your logo to be, and I’ll make it better — just like you want. 

And, if you don’t even know what you need, I’m even better at that. To be totally honest… Despite my mastery of the Creative Suite, technical skills like HTML & CSS, and professional-yet-friendly aesthetic –– my true strength lies in synthesizing non-visual information (persona, goals, intentions, mission statements) and creating a beautiful, all-encompassing visual representation. 

Through understanding you and your intentions, I craft a mark that you can see yourself in. The right logo will FEEL like you, and I truly enjoy creating imagery that inspires and empowers the people they represent. To me, the right logo can carry you through a bad day; you can’t help but think “there’s no way I won’t be successful with a logo like this.”