Jacy Skelton-Leopold is a graphic design professor, a natural creative, and has been building websites since 2003.

I'm happy with who I am as a designer. I'm confident. I've always had an artist's intuition — when things look good, it just feels right. I can't stop until it does. I've designed for skin, web, and print. I embrace my age and obsession to create the most effective, trendiest, functional designs and websites to the best of my ability. What I'm known for is designing the kind of art and websites you're jealous of, that you wish you had because they're so hot right now.

What I'm BEST at is designing logos and brand identities that represent YOU. My products are personal, and thoughtful, and synthesized to be perfect for you and your intentions. My ability to characterize your company through type and color and an icon is my strength. I like to say that a good logo can carry you through a bad day: "There's no way things won't work out with an amazing logo like this."

If you know what you want, just tell me. If you don't know what you want, even better. Sometimes you don't know exactly what you're looking for until you see it -- that's where I come in.






Logos. Brand identities. Business cards. Forms. Letterheads. Brochures. Signs. Stickers. T-shirts. Websites. Social media assets. Album art.

Whatever you need, really.

Answers to Questions

Logo creation is an art form. Creating logos is something I do by instinct.

All I need to to know is everything you want me to know. Whatever you need to appear as though you're the most professional and definitely the best, I package up for you in a series of image files.

Like I said, whether you know what you want, or you don't – I know what I would probably do for you, anyways.

If you've seen something cool on Facebook, Jacy probably made it.

Since the summer of 2018, Facebook feeds everywhere (and probably yours) have displayed Facebook event images created by Jacy.

She has a secret formula for making people want to come to your party. No, but really. I have a knack for creating badass, eye-catching, memorable event images that increase attendance.

My design idol, Paula Scher, is 71 years old. Her legendary career started in the 70's as a record album cover designer. Using records, she developed her own personal style (that would go on to be recognized by the entire world), and became an expert on something no one had previously been an expert on.

I hope some day, they say event image covers were what put me on the map. Have you seen any of the above covers before?