Together, we're HoL.

The magic behind HoL comes from Seth and Jacy Leopold. Married for 8 years, best friends for almost 20, we are on complete opposite ends of the artistic spectrum. Audio/visual, math/english, logic/emotion, beauty/brains. We are two deeply motivated and passionate individuals that enable and support each other to be the most authentic versions of ourselves.

Seth and I used to work at the same company as a salesman and textbook designer. I worked there for over 2 years and loved it enough to pull Seth onboard. We were stable and happy enough to have another baby!  Then they pulled the rug 2 weeks into my maternity leave with baby Luna.

Undervalued and underpaid, we started House of Leopold, LLC in our basement in the winter of 2016. HoL is and always has been primarily a design company, with Seth as sales and marketing. I always say that "Seth is like the Wizard of Oz, and I'm the man behind the curtain." Since then, we've done projects from gubernatorial campaigns to music festivals to magazines.

This isn't all we can do, but it's what we're best at. This is our life. We create and do things we enjoy for people who appreciate it.


Some of you were first introduced to the House of Leopold as a physical location; our studio in Beaverdale, Iowa, during 2019. Many legendary and epic parties were hosted here, from a secret SoFar Sounds performance to afterparties for Kosmic Kingdom and 515 Alive. Artists that performed in our space include G-Space, MeSo, and [...]

A memorable and unique space, we are truly grateful for the time spent and memories created at the HoL. THE HoL closed its' doors in December 2019, and although we're sad to see it go, House of Leopold is our life's work and we've moved on to new projects.